Record Store Day is 16 years old and can now legally drive in some states. Here's what we're doing to celebrate:

_10,000 Hz Records [THE BRICK & MORTAR SHOP] will be open 8AM-5PM on Saturday, April 22nd with our usual 6,000+ new vinyl titles in stock + a bunch of fake records stashed throughout the shop that you can trade-in for prizes like white label promos, free 10,000 Hz tees, and/or our all-new 2023 edition X-Ray Tote.

_10,000 Hz Records [THE RSD VINYL POP-UP SHOP] will open at 8AM in the Railyard and close around 4PM on Saturday, April 22nd when we'll begin moving whatever RSD stock remains back indoors to prep for our online sale on Sunday, April 23rd. All new RSD titles will still be available in the shop for the remainder of the day, but you may need to ask for them after about 4PM.

_If you're asking yourself what in the hell the RSD VINYL POP-UP SHOP is, it's this: we will set up all of the 250ish RSD 2023 titles we've ordered for the day in the open air of the loading dock in the Railyard, about 20 yards down the street from our front door on 1st Avenue.

_Nothing too convoluted this time around - just line up outside of the 1st Avenue entrance to the Railyard [it'll be clearly marked]. There will likely be a line, and it'll probably start early that morning...usually gets a bit longer about an hour before we open, but it's hard to predict. The earlier you get there, the more likely you are to get a good spot in line, the more likely you are to get the things you're looking for. Pretty simple.


Yeah, Covid. The Railyard is outdoors [more or less] where the CDC says Covid transmission is highly unlikely...we're not requiring masks in the Railyard, but we are still certainly encouraging them and social distancing. You will, however, still be required to wear a mask over your mouth and nose while you're in our brick & mortar shop. Yes, we're aware we're one of the last places on the planet that's still taking precautions as it relates to the spread of Covid-19. No, we don't particularly care if you don't like that policy. That's our rule, same as it's been for years now, and if you're gonna make a big deal out of following it, please go ahead and make plans to shop elsewhere.

_The first 20 or so customers in line will enter the Railyard one by one with a little time between them at 8AM, and we'll try to keep capacity in the Railyard at roughly 20 shoppers at any given moment. We will also be capping the number of customers in the brick & mortar shop at staff + 15-20 people at a time. It's not a huge place and we want to make sure everyone can shop comfortably. There may be times where some folks will have to wait a few minutes to enter. Be cool about it, ok? You will be asked to check any shopping, tote, or otherwise large bags at the entrance to either space, ok?

_As usual, we've ordered *heavily* for this event, and we've done our best to get substantial quantities of the titles you all requested the most in our customer survey a couple of months back. That being said, please keep in mind that these titles are all limited edition and there are something like 1300 stores participating in Record Store Day events all over the U.S. this year - some titles will be hard to come by and/or will sell out quickly.

_RE: *TAYLOR SWIFT* Unless more than 200 people swing by the shop on the 22nd to grab the Taylor Swift RSD release, we should have you covered on FOLKLORE: THE LONG POND STUDIO SESSIONS. That's right. We've got 200 copies of it. Wild.

_All of our RSD 2023 stock should be viewable but not, uh, "checkoutable" in the RSD 2023 tab at 10000HzRECORDS.COM by the end of the day on Thursday, April 20th. There, you'll be able to see descriptions, photos of the actual items, our prices, and our starting stock numbers for each title.

_FOR OUR ONLINE CUSTOMERS, all of our RSD titles that remain after our in-person Saturday event will be available at 10000HzRECORDS.COM beginning at 7AM [CST, Central, Alabama time] on Sunday, April 23rd. We expect many of our remaining titles to move very quickly once they're made available on this site. If you intend to shop with us for RSD titles online, you should plan to do it early that Sunday morning, alright?

_As always, and per RSD rules, we cannot hold or pre-sell any RSD releases.

_And of course, all RSD releases are one per person. On the website, that translates to all RSD releases being one per person/household/shipping address/credit card/whatever. Multiple online orders for the same RSD titles containing the same names, shipping addresses, billing addresses, email addresses, etc will be canceled without further explanation. No funny business. We don't play.

OK? Got it? Holler with questions if you've got'em. By phone during hours is pretty much always the fastest way to reach us: 334-748-9074.



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